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As you will also see, we’ve bought in different neighborhoods in the city.


We’d had this house in the family for a few years for the purpose of assisting someone with a place to stay. After a while, this house had become a burden and the financial commitment in addition to our own obligations was now starting to affect us even though we didn’t live there. We met with Ré who was very good to deal with and he bought the house without us having to make any repairs. It was a relief to be done and moved on from the house without taking a loss


Shelly and Mike K.
– East Elmwood


We would like to take a minute to thank Re’ from cashbuysyourhouse.ca He took a lot of stress out of a very challenging process and time in our lives. Our house in another city (Winnipeg) had been abandoned by our tenant and in rough shape. We were worried we would have to sink a ton of money into it before we could even try to sell it on the market, but working with cashbuysyourhouse.ca eliminated a good chunk of that. The process was fairly quick and all parties were happy in the end.


The Zdancewicz family
-British Columbia.


Well my husband and I owned this house for over 40 years and we were fine there but in recent years, the house started needing work and I had considered fixing it up but it was going to cost way more than I was able to deal with and I knew that it wasn’t in a state for a realtor to put it on the market. We found out about this company some place and Re’ met with us. We hadn’t sold a house in so long so I was a bit wary as with anything you don’t know. Re’ was very helpful explaining things to me and he even allowed us to take the paperwork to our lawyer first before we signed. That truly took care of my worries because it was one thing for them to say they were being fair but it was even more so when our lawyer told us that the paperwork was fine and we were safe to sign. We sold this house in need of work in “as is” condition without having the hassles of fixing. Thank you Re’ for how you folks do business.


Christine F.
-North Winnipeg.


There were some medical issues within my family for which I offered emotional and financial assistance, all pledged on my home’s equity. My house had developed severe foundations on top of all this so I thought to sell. Realtors wanted me to fix it up before selling so I got really overwhelmed until I found out about Re’ and his company. Even though I was skeptical considering how much I owed and how much work the house needed, Re’ re-assured me that my fears were unfounded and that he’d helped many other people before me. To my pleasant surprise, these folks paid a fair price to help me pay off my mortgage and lines of credit. Friends and family have commented about how I look calmer. My life changed drastically on the day that Re’ lifted that heavy weight off my shoulders. Thank you…

Michelle M.
-River Heights.


My husband and I had owned our house for about eight years during which time the house fell into a state of disrepair. We had so many other things going on in our lives that we never got around to fixing the place up. Something came up and my husband had to leave town so it was time for us to move on. We had a real estate agent try to sell the house to no avail at which point, we discovered cashbuysyourhouse.ca in one of those free publications. They purchased our house in “AS IS” condition and my husband and I were able to move on with our lives


Isabel and Lorne J.


My family and I had lived in our home for a few years when we inherited my mother – in – law’s home. We decided to move into that one and have a friend stay at our original house while he tried to fix it up. One day there was a fire when he wasn’t home and the whole house was covered in thick smoke. The issue got worse when my insurance found some kind of loophole to use in refusing to pay us for the home even though we still had a mortgage on this house. We felt backed into a corner until a work colleague of mine happened to hear my story at work and her son-in-law was the CEO of this company that bought “fixer upper” houses. They bought our burnt out home in “AS IS” condition and we paid off our mortgage and had much left over.


Robyn B.
-W. Kildonan


My wife and I had lived in this house since it was brand new in 1963. After living there for so long, over the summer of 2012 our home quickly became what some folks would call a fixer upper as one part of the house began to settle severely. This foundation problem caused lots of major cracks in the walls and the doors could not close properly. This was right after we had spent lots of money on some upgrades in the home. Because we are up there in age, it was getting harder to get around anyways so we decided to sell. Some real estate agent came out but it was clear to us that we did not want to go that route: We did not want to sell it to a nice young couple who would get more than they bargained for in the amount of money it would take to fix the foundation and all the other problems that subsequently came up. We contacted cashbuysyourhouse.ca as they were not real estate agents and they did not charge any commissions. They also did not pressure us as they had our lawyers review their forms before we signed everything. Our lawyer was fine with their forms and gave us the go ahead so we sold our house “as is” for the six figure amount that we wanted.

Val and Mary-Anne
-Windsor Park


We moved into a house with the intention to fix it up but my husband got posted out of town so we moved out there. I still owned the house and over a few years, it became clear that it was not at all feasible to travel back and forth into the city just to fix the place up. I was not interested in having a real estate agent list the house because aside from charging fees, I did not want to put the house out there for everyone I know to see. I discovered this company (cashbuysyourhouse.ca) from one of their advertisements and they were willing to buy my house for good coin in “AS IS” condition. I was finally able to focus on life out of town and my travelling for work.

-North End Fringes


I bought a house to try and fix it up and use as a rental but it just turned out that I started a new business at the same time so my time was more heavily weighted on the business. One night, some kids threw a brick through the window and because the house had been vacant, the city bylaw office fined me for not covering the windows. At that point, I was ready to move on because I did not have the emotional resources or the time to deal with this house. A friend of mine told me about cashbuysyourhouse.ca so I contacted them. They were accommodating and bought this vacant, run down house in as is condition. We got the amount we wanted with no hassle. I was glad that cashbuysyourhouse.ca gave me the opportunity to focus on my business and not lose out in an effort to move on from this house.

Tham N.
-North Point Douglas


I had lived in this home with my kids for about seven years. One year I got into a new relationship so it was time to move into a new place with all our kids from previous marriages. This home had a failing foundation among other expensive repairs so we decided to put it on the market. We had several people come out to the house one of whom was a reputable Remax real estate agent that was quite disrespectful. My boyfriend came across this company online. It was interesting because we had entertained so many disrespectful potential buyers that the genuine courtesy we got from cashbuysyourhouse.ca was quickly noticed. Even though they were aware that we owed nothing on our house, they bought it for a nice six figures even with all the work that was needed. I have never really travelled but as result of what I received, I am able to plan a nice vacation with me, my boyfriend and all our children

Laura N.


My mom moved into a nursing home so I was the older kid who handled the affairs and all siblings decided it was time to sell it as it needed some upgrades. We had a real estate agent come out and offer to sell it but we were not really interested in having too many people going in and out of the house as it had been vacant for about three years and it did not present well at all. We contacted cashbuysyourhouse.ca and they were willing to buy the house in “as is” condition and even saving us the real estate commission that we were going to have to pay the real estate agent.

Heather N.
-North East Winnipeg.


Growing up, I’d always loved country living and so when we moved here, all was fine but then our family started to grow so the house quickly became too small. That mixed with the fact that it needed work and I’d always wanted to go back to country living anyways, meant it was time to move on. My wife filled out a form online and we connected with cashbuysyourhouse.ca. They were very straight with us and we were glad they helped us move on with no hassle. …


-West End


My mother had gone into a nursing home and the home in which me and my siblings grew up had been left vacant for a few years. Me and my siblings decided that it was time to sell so we contacted our lawyer. I decided that I did not want to have a real estate agent get so many people coming through the house given the fact that it needed a lot of work. Our lawyer had heard of this company that buys these types of houses but was not sure so we contacted cashbuysyourhouse.ca. They agreed to buy our mother’s house as is and for an amount me and my siblings were fine with. Our lawyers reviewed their forms to make sure we were safe and all went smooth.

Dorothy M.
-West End


I had owned my house for about nine years where I lived with my teenage kids. I had a change come up in my life so I decided that I did not want me or my kids to stay in the house anymore. This house needed a lot of work which was more than I was willing or able to tackle at the time so I looked around to see what my options were. I knew I had the right solution when I saw Re’s company in a free publication when I was at a restaurant. They bought my house “as is” and most importantly, that purchase allowed me to start things afresh.


Collete P.
-West End


We were just fine where we lived but one year, our furnace went out in the middle of winter so we decided to refinance on our mortgage in order to take care of the furnace cost as well as some other expenses. Little known to us that the lender we used to do this refinancing, did not fully inform us and our monthly mortgage payments went up considerably. This became too much of a hassle so we decided to sell. After they came out to see our house, we met them (cashbuysyourhouse.ca) at their office and they agreed to buy our house “as is” and we don’t even have to take out anything we want to leave behind. We just want a fresh start and they’ve given us that.


Gigi and Ken

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