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As alluded to on our welcome page, we offer two services to the communities we serve.

1- If you will be taking on the project of renovating your house yourself, we offer FREE expert advice with over 70 years of combined, hands-on experience to help you along. You will get advice from dealing with contractors without a headache, design ideas and just general renovation advice. For this FREE community service, you must send your questions in by going to Ask The Experts

2- If you choose instead to go for a solution that is as simple as handing you a cheque and you handing over the keys, then its important you also understand how this service works.

You see, in this life there is change all around us: one year things are going one way and then the next year, things can make a turn.  When someone has a house to sell, its not really about the house. Its about something going on in this person’s life and selling the house helps them make that transition to something they’re looking forward to after the sale.


Let me tell you a story.


The very first house that we bought in the summer of 2008, was from a nice lady named Robyn. She and her family lived in the West Kildonan area of the city for a while and then she inherited a larger house in a different neighborhood. Robyn and her family moved into the larger house and she let a friend stay in the smaller house. Her friend was trying to fix up the place as he lived in it and everything was fine…at least until she got a phone call.

“It was almost as if the walls suddenly closed in. I couldn’t quite believe it so it took a few minutes for me to actually process it.” She said.

There had been a fire in the living room from a television set while no on was home at the house where her friend was staying while fixing up. It wasn’t until she went to see the place before it really started to dawn. Even though the fire department  quickly put out the fire the whole house was completely covered in soot/smoke. Thankfully no one was home so her friend was fine but what was she to do now?

“well I have insuranceshe thought to herself.

She contacted her insurance company and they had found a clause in their policy that allowed them to wash their hands of Robyn’s home. They did not pay her a dime. In the mean time, Robyn still had a mortgage and other expenses associated with this house that she now had no use for. Needless to say that it was weighing on her mind and with good reason. We bought Robyn’s house “as is”, “where is” for all cash. No more mortgage, no more bills and even extra money for other things in life.



My family and I had lived in our home for a few years when we inherited my mother – in – law’s home. We decided to move into that one and have a friend stay at our original house while he tried to fix it up. One day there was a fire when he wasn’t home and the whole house was covered in thick smoke. The issue got worse when my insurance found some kind of loophole to use in refusing to pay us for the home even though we still had a mortgage on this house. We felt backed into a corner until a work colleague of mine happened to hear my story at work and her son-in-law was the CEO of this company that bought “fixer upper” houses. They bought our burnt out home in “AS IS” condition and we paid off our mortgage and had much left over.


Robyn B.
-W. Kildonan


Now listen. Your situation doesn’t have to be dire. Most of the Winnipeggers who have come to us weren’t exactly in a desperate situation.

Whatever your reason for selling is, (Vacant house, Health issues, carrying two mortgages, Divorce, tired of tenants, retired, inheritance, facing foreclosure etc.) if we decide to buy your house, here’s what you can look forward to as we work together:

  • You sell your house “as is”, “where is” (absolutely no repairs or warranties needed on your part)
  • You will pay absolutely NO Real Estate commissions (keep more for yourself)
  • Your house spends zero days on the market
  • You get to take our formal offer to your lawyer to look over before you sign
  • We may also pay your legal/ closing expenses for the sale(up to $1,000)
  • You get CA$H* for your house (*will be on a case by case basis)
  • You will be treated like a person: with respect
  • You can move on in as little as 7 days (that’s just 5 business days!)
  • You don’t have to have neighbors walking through your house during open houses, judging your house.
  • You won’t be dealing with someone looking to try and list your house. You’ll be dealing with a capable buyer who is ready now.

Working with us is as simple as us handing you a cheque, and you handing over the keys….

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