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We'd had this house in the family for a few years for the purpose of assisting someone with a place to stay. After a while, this house had become a burden and the financial commitment in addition to our own obligations was now starting to affect us even though we didn't live there. We met with Ré who was very good to deal with and he bought the house without us having to make any repairs. It was a relief to be done and moved on from the house without taking a loss.

- Shelly and Mike K.
- East Elmwood

We would like to take a minute to thank Re' from cashbuysyourhouse. He took a lot of stress out of a very challenging process and time in our lives. Our house in another city (Winnipeg) had been abandoned by our tenant and in rough shape. We were worried we would have to sink a ton of money into it before we could even try to sell it on the market, but working with cashbuysyourhouse eliminated a good chunk of that. The process was fairly quick and all parties were happy in the end.

- The Zdancewicz family
- British Columbia.

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